“A scourge of small c(h)ords.”—JOHN ii. 15.

I AM an Evolutionist, and I believe in Law,
I worship mother Nature though she’s “red in tooth and claw;”
I don’t believe in anything I neither hear nor see,
But I believe in Reason (mine) and some Theosophy.

We Evolutionists can tell just how the world was made,
Without a Maker—Well! of course, “evolved “ I should have said;
And Law without a Law-giver may sound a little raw,
But I’m an Evolutionist and I believe in Law.

The universe originally, of course, did not exist,
But tiny atoms hung about like clouds of finest mist;
The mightiest microscope could not reveal them to the eye,
But billions were there we know by our philosophy.

Like darkened mist they floated in—in—nothing only space,
Until one day—Well! not a “day”—a striking change took place;
Of course, all this was ages since, a million years or more,
Before the sun could measure “years,” and Time itself before.

These atoms had been idling and wasting all their time
Before that day, or rather night—one gets mix’d up in rhyme—
When a power came sweeping over them to make them closer draw,
Fortuitously some combined by—Well! by—“Natural Law.”

They all commenced a-pulling one another ! stranger still,
They pull’d without a hook or hands by a kind of force of will!
The potency of matter into operation came,
For “Gravitation” started up ere Newton knew the name.

How cleverly Sir Isaac guessed—“discovered” I should state—
From an apple falling to the ground by its own proper weight,
That atoms, million miles apart, and stars down to a straw,
Can pull each other without ropes, by merely “Natural Law !”

Like swarming bees about a queen they rushed together all,
And clashing struck with so much force they forged a white-hot ball;
And as they’d “other worlds than ours” to make, they thought it right,
Unlike the bees, who love the dark, to first strike up a light.

Our blazing sun then swung around—I think “ours” was the first,
Though not quite sure about the date—it seems one of the worst ?
For every star’s a sun you know, and some are greater far
Than ours, which scientists affirm is but a little star!

Well! then, our sun by whirling round shot off great sparks of fire,
Like red-hot fire-balls shooting forth, some lower and some higher;
And one of these while plastic, soft, revolved into a globe,
And formed a “crust” of earth and seas, a sort of watery robe!

This “crust,” of course, was baked so hot the oceans must have boiled,
Evaporation wasted some till what was left was spoiled;
A salty sediment was formed, which is their common fault,
But only Evolutionists know why the sea is salt!

Of Nature’s many marvels p’rhaps most wonderful of all
Was boiling water, not in pans, but round a red-hot ball!
It fills the mind (the astronomer’s) with thoughts akin to awe,
To think how all these things were done by simply “Natural law!”

In course of time the globe cooled down, the seas would cease to scald,
Another sediment was formed, “Bathybius” Huxley called;
A deep-sea protoplasmic mud—don’t say “sulphate of lime!”—
The dawn of life upon “our globe,” a lot of living slime!

From rocks or stones in water, when the stones had been dissolved,
The various vegetables sprang, or were in time evolved;
Atomic souls, or monads, found expression in these forms,
And threw out blades and branches, or appeared as wriggling worms!

Some specks of this live jelly pushed out arms to catch the prey,
They could not see at first, you see ? so had to feel their way;
Some pushed out legs determinedly, and feet, or fins and claws,
Just as they needed them, you know ; and all by “Natural laws!”

They felt-it inconvenient though to be without some sight,
And so on sunny days they sat exposing to the light;
They blinked and blinked till spots were formed—who knows until he tries?—
And, strangely, two, sank-deep enough to form a pair of eyes!

They then evolved to fishes, and some crawled upon the sand,
While others jumped till they could fly, despising those on land;
But these made up by flights of thought, evolving latent mind,
The fish begat the beast and that—man-monkeys, then—mankind!

Just think how great was Darwin to discover all the past
Development of animals ; I hope that it will last!
But some are lagging far behind, and old forms still persist,
Like clouds of nebulosity in space, which must have mist!

What transmigrations we’ve gone through ! What cycles they would span,
To rise from mud and eels, through snakes, from matter up to man!
Some great ancestral Serpent must have had a subtle mind,
To teach us how to glide ahead and leave the rest behind!

No wonder Serpent worship as a cult so long survived;
Our “Knowing ones” could tell indeed from whom it was derived!
But they are silent lest, you see, our foes should find a flaw
And say that DEVOL—UTION is a much more natural law.

Of course in man material development has ceased,
His outward frame the highest is of any kind of beast;
But monkeys—they should still evolve to mankind, if they can,
While we by force of will aspire to evolve the inner man.

How great the mind of man (my own !) to trace this planet’s birth;
To know how all things formed themselves, all things in heaven and earth!
Has not Professor Drummond shown—though Paul some curses hurled
Against new gospels—“Natural law rules in the spirit world?”

So we shall climb much higher yet, evolving spirit, mind;
I hope it will not take as long as that we leave behind!
Our bodies, though developed with such labour, time, and care,
We’ll throw away—cremate them all!—and go and live—on air!

We want no resurrection of the body, we who look
For something better up to date than that old fashioned Book,
Which teaches that the Earth is fixed, a stable, out-stretched plane,
What Evolution can there be in that that’s worth the name?

Of course we Evolutionists have passed that sort of thing,
We want to be like angels, as the churches even sing;
Our spirits soar above the flesh in which we now ensconce,
And I shall be an angel soon, though p’rhaps not all at once!

We’ll raise another Babel Tower to join the heavenly host
Of immaterial deities, the demon gods and ghosts!
Some Master mind—who was it now? My recollection’s dim—
Once promised, “Ye shall be as gods !” and we all follow him.

So I’m an Evolutionist, I hold to “Natural Law,”
Both here and in the spirit world, as our dear Drummond saw;
The problem of the Universe these master minds have solved?
From out their inner consciousness the whole has been evolved!

Reprinted from “THE EARTH”,
A Monthly Magazine of Sense and Science, upon a
Scriptural Basis;
And of Universal Interest to all Nations and Peoples
under the sun.
Edited and Published by E.A.M.B, 11, Gloucester Road
Kingston Hill, Surrey, England.

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  1. Straight out silly. This is not Zetetic in the least. You can’t prove anything in the article. Fantasy posing as a piss poor theory with no substance.

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