IDIOTIC MAN-CHILD STILL REBELLING AGAINST GOD & DADDY: James Carroll’s Constantine’s Sword (DVD) Reviewed by J. Michael (Now Born) 

A few years ago, ex-priest James Carroll wrote a fatuous and flatulent book called “Constantine’s Sword”, which purported to be a history of the Catholic Church’s crimes against the Jews, arguing that the Gospel’s natural fruits are anti-semitism and violence and that Christianity directly led to the Holocaust. Carroll’s book was praised by atheists, dissident Catholics and professional Semites, while being mocked as feeble-minded drivel by serious scholars. This self-indulgent and incoherent documentary is Carroll’s attempt to squeeze a little more notoriety and a few more bucks out of a very bad book.

¶ Since Vatican II’s Nostra Aetate diluted the Catholic Church’s Gospel message in the 1960s, in his search for Christian “anti-Semitism” Carroll was forced to find his villain in the protean and rather ridiculous specter of American Evangelicalism. We travel to the U.S. Air Force Academy where we discover that there is an improper relationship between the administration and Colorado Springs’ myriad evangelical sects, and that some Jewish cadets are subject to proselytization by other cadets. Could a more innocuous threat possibly be imagined than slavishly philo-Semitic American evangelicalism? After all, what horrible ordeals did the Jewish students have to endure? Well, they once received an official advertisement for a campus showing of Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ”, and some evangelical cadets frequently try to convert them. Wow. No, it wasn’t right for the administration to favor any one particular creed, (Editor: Well actually…) but there’s a big difference between being inappropriate and being anti-Semitic. No one even claims that their academic standing was effected one iota because of their religion. As for the conversion attempts, the Jewish students should familiarize themselves with life as adults in a marketplace of ideas. Yet Mr. Carroll seems to think that pogroms will soon be the order of the day at the Academy.

¶ Perhaps realizing that his entire premise is baseless, Carroll spends the rest of the video droning on about his pathetic personal history. I’m not sure if he is descended from the eminent Carrolls of Carrollton, but he came from a strong and pious Catholic family, the son of prominent Air Force General Joseph Carroll. Carroll fills us in with details of his childhood growing up a military brat in occupied Germany, and retrospectively ridicules his family’s Catholic devotional activities. He relates how he decided to become a priest during the Cuban Missile Crisis because, tellingly, he was drawn “not to the Jesus of miracles but the Prince of Peace who hates war”. Already we see Carroll veering away from seeing the Gospel as supernatural revelation and more towards valuing it for its potential to effect political change. Carroll’s seminary experience obviously changed him. In a revealing statement, he tells us that he was “shocked to learn” in his study of history that “priests sinned”. Now, if that ludicrous statement is actually true, and not just a calculated lie to portray pre-conciliar Catholicism as developmentally arrested, then Mr. Carroll was an idiot man-child who should have been fitted with a cap ‘n’ bells instead of a clerical collar. However, as earlier Communist infiltration of the seminaries was beginning to bear fruit in the 60s, the obviously vapid Carroll was a prime candidate for indoctrination and came out as an obedient agent of the Internationale. The degree of Carroll’s devotion to his left-wing gospel can be judged by his conduct at his first Mass. In front of his entire family and his father’s military colleagues, the arrogant Carroll preached that the bones in Ezekiel’s famous vision had been bleached by napalm, and denounced the Vietnam War from the pulpit, humiliating his father and family. All I could think of when I heard that was “What a little $h!t.”

¶ Carroll spent the next four years protesting the war and agitating for various leftist causes. He then left the priesthood, married (a woman, surprisingly), and has made a living mining Catholicism and his childhood for material to fill his boring and worthless books. He continues to tear down the Church, advocating for gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia, Scriptural expurgation and all the rest of the immoral planks on Satan’s party platform. This evil old hack is a good representative specimen of the 1960s university generation, who esteem themselves wise because of their vaunted “education”, which actually consists of nothing more than the ability to parrot the dogmas of leftist ideology. Critical thinking is deprecated by these intellectual myrmidons; having “orthodox” sentiments is the ultimate value. Liberal fools like Carroll don’t care about truth, but only want to be on the side of the “angels” when some histrionic old Jew starts tearing up over a 1000 year old atrocity. And when that happens, people like Carroll instinctively grovel in the dust and seek absolution through self-destruction—whether of Faith, race or nation. A truly objective scholar would examine history in context. Atrocities have been committed both by and against the Jews. We could just as easily turn our anthropological microscope upon the Chosen People and attempt to learn what it is in the Talmud that has driven its adherents to oppress and exploit Gentiles throughout the ages, such as in early medieval Europe (see Early Medieval Jewish Policy in Western Europe) or modern Palestine, or even commit genocide against the goyim such as is documented in Judeo-Soviet Russia. But that doesn’t exactly fit the “script” of modern historiography.

¶ I can’t even begin to enumerate everything else that was so infuriating and frustrating about Carroll; his stupidity, his inconsistency, his mendacious history, his bovine mien, his continued subversion of the Catholic Church, his posse of Judaizing priests who are exorcised over Mel Gibson’s “Passion”, et al. The most frustrating thing though is that the media allows him to continue presenting himself as a “devoted Catholic” who only wants to make his church a little more sensitive. He’s nothing of the sort. He’s a full fledged enemy of the Church who is devoted to nothing but its castration, neutralization and eventual destruction. He only refrains from avowing outright atheism because he sees a role for a new Catholic Church, stripped of most supernatural beliefs and tightly controlled by a leftist clergy of his ilk, in bringing on his Novus Ordo Seclorum. Carroll needs to be exposed, excommunicated, shunned and slapped down. Let him fly his true colors outside the body of Christ and be recognized not as the critical Christian he poses as, but for the enemy of God he is.

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