Father Robert Persons S. J. on EXTRA ECCLESIAM NULLA SALUS

Transcribed by E.T.H. III from A Christian Directory, Guiding men to Eternal Salvation commonly called the Resolution. Consisting of two Parts ; whereof the former layeth down the Motives to Resolution, and the other other removeth the Impediments. Both of them having been reviewed, corrected, and augmented, by the Author himself, a little before his death, for the greater commodity, and utility of the Reader. Written by the R. Father Robert Persons Priest of the Society of JESUS. Permissu Superiorum MDCL.

And now my dear brother, wilt thou not rather joyn thy self with these holy Fathers Saint Cyprian, Saint Hilary, Saint Hierom, Saint Chrysostome, Saint Augustine, and others their equals : (for all are of one doctrine) then to adventure thy soul with the ignorance, and careless negligence of rechlesse people? Thou seest the infinite benefit here offered thee : Suppose it were offered to one that already is now in hell-fire ; how would he harken unto it? Thou seest how easie the matter is made unto thy hands ; For I see but two conditions onely here required by these Fathers for thee to enjoy the benefit, and to be set free from thy sinnes, and consequently also from the danger of all those punishments due unto sinne before mentioned. The one condition is, that thou be within the lap of the Catholick Church (for that Saint Augustine and Saint Cyprian expresly before required, if we remember.) The other, that the benefit be taken during this life, for that after, it is too late : and for that we have spoken sufficiently before of the second condition out of Saint Augustine also in this very Chapter ; I will now onely record unto you about the first condition, that not onely Saint Augustine ; but all other Fathers in like manner do every where so greatly inculcate this condition of being a member of the Catholick Church, as that without this, no remission of sinnes can ever be had or hoped for at all. For that except he be within the union and communion of this Church, he can receive no benefit at all, either by keyes, or other spiritual riches thereof, be they Sacraments, Sacrifice, Prayers, Merits, Almes-deeds, or whatsoever other benefit besides, which more at large we have also shewed and declared * els-where : yea albeit he should suffer death and martyrdome it self, for the name and profession of Christian Religion, yet can he not be saved. For that the common sentence of all the Fathers and Doctours of Christ his Catholick Church is, and hath always been firmely held by all, and every one : That out of the Church there is no salvation.

* In the examen of Fox his Calendar in prefat.

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