A PRAYER TO ST. PETER CANISIUS: Doctor of the Church, Hammer of Protestantism, Patron of Libraries and Librarians.

Peter Canisius

O God, origin and dispenser of all wisdom, Who hast made the production of books for the spiritual and general benefit of mankind part of Thy Divine Providence, and Who hast inspired Thy servant Peter Canisius with an ardent desire for the collection of good books in libraries and their dissemination among Thy people: vouchsafe we pray that through his intercession and example we devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the apostolate of books. Assist us in taking care of the publications large and small which are given into our charge, and grant that through our ministration they find their way into the hands of such as will be truly benefited, spiritually and otherwise, by their perusal. We also pray that under St. Peter’s guardianship our books may increase in number and general usefulness, and be ever secure against theft and fire, against hostile violence, against the furies of weather and any kind of disaster — for the greater glory of Thy name and the welfare of Thy people. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Taken from My Prayer Book by the Rev. F.X. Lasance. 1944.

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