The Earth NOT a Whirling Globe / The Earth a Stationary Plane by ZETETES

The Earth NOT a Whirling Globe

SHAPE.—Children at school, before they are able to judge for themselves, are taught to believe that “The earth is round like an orange.” This idea was drummed into our ears so long that we came to believe it in spite of its palpable absurdity. It will not bear critical examination. For instance :

A school geography says, “We know that the earth is round because ships have sailed round it.” What wretched logic! Ships can sail round the Isle of Man : Is that a globe ? Not more so than the earth. Ships go round the world as they sail round an island, or as we walk round a square, or a town, going round along a flat surface. A thing may be “round” and flat too, like a penny.

Pictures of ships, in false and distorted perspective, are given in school books, professing to show why the hull disappears before the masts. The line of sight, which should be a tangent to the sphere at the place of the observer, is raised miles high, descending to a very distant horizon at a considerable angle. But no man in this world, whatever his altitude, ever looked down to his horizon. It is always on a level with the eye. It is, therefore, a fraud to picture it otherwise. Besides, when the hull of a ship has disappeared to the naked eye it can often be rendered visible again by a good telescope, thus proving that it had not gone down beyond or over the horizon, nor behind a hill of water. Vapour or spray might obscure it.

MOTION.—Astronomers teach that we are rushing through “space” at the awful rate of about 63,000 miles an hour, or more than 1,000 miles a minute! Can you believe it? It would be fearful. The astronomers would be whirled off into “space,” with clouds, rivers, and seas all flying after them. The idea is absurd. No proof of such motion has ever been given. It is a mere supposition, incapable of proof.

It is absurd to suppose there are people at the so-called “Anti- podes” hanging heads downward in relation to us. What keeps them from falling off? Flies that walk the ceiling have suckers to their feet. Gravitation! A myth invented to support the whirling globe superstition. What is “gravitation?”—a solid, a liquid, or mere gas? Heavy bodies fall to the earth by their own weight; light substances float in the air in spite of the combined pull of all the particles in the world. Luminous bodies have no attraction, except for silly moths. Magnetic currents affect bodies according to their varying forces, but there is no such thing as universal attraction, or a general pulling and tugging of bodies to get together in the whole universe. Gravitation has never been proved. It is an absurd speculation of men spoiled with the pride of “science,” but, as Paul says, a “science falsely so called.” —1. Tim. vi. 26. Give it up for the Truth.

The Earth a Stationary Plane.

PLANE.—We know that the earth is flat by practical experiments. The surface of still water has been proved to be level. A medical gentleman—“Parallax”—of London, demonstrated that the surface of the canal known as the “Bedford Level,” near the Fen district, is absolutely level for six miles. He has given the evidence in a book entitled “The Earth not a Globe.” This book has never been answered. If the earth were globular, canals and railways would be convex, or arched; but no allowance is ever made in their construction for the supposed curvature, although the contrary is often, falsely asserted. Such allowance is practically forbidden in the Standing Orders of the House of Commons. Even mariners find they can best steer their vessels by Mercator’s charts, which represent the seas and oceans as flat. A long straight-edge adjusted on the beach will prove the sea horizon is level for twenty miles or more.

The surface of canals, rivers, and seas, being level, it follows that the earth or land is, speaking generally, a plane, or series of planes. Geographers admit that “The earth appears to us to be flat.” It appears so to those who are called Zetetics, or truth-seekers, and they believe in the evidence of their senses until convinced to the contrary.

MOTIONLESS.—Experiments, in various ways and places, have been made with cannon balls fired into the air, and the earth has never been discovered to have any motion. If we were dashed along at 1,000 miles per minute, while rotating 1,000 miles an hour, it would be something terrific! Fancy a man lashed by “gravitation,” or anything else, to a tremendous flywheel in motion! He would soon be whirled out of his senses. Yet we can neither see nor feel any motion in the earth. Clouds hang lazily about, or move in various directions, proving they float over a stable earth. The sun and moon, being comparatively small bodies, are only able to light up about half the earth at one time; but they can be seen to move in spiral circles above us, and at short distances, as may be proved by plane triangulation, the sun not being more than two or three thousand miles off.

Astronomers admit their theories are based upon “hypotheses” or suppositions. Let us give up such “vain imaginations” for the facts of Nature and the evidence of our senses. Deep principles underlie this question. The globular theory is the foundation of the infidel theories of Evolution, etc., which subvert the Bible account of Creation.

God made the world in six days, resting on the seventh, which is the true Lord’s Day, or Sabbath, and which YAHWEH sanctified for man. Hence the week of seven days from remote antiquity has been a periodical witness of God’s creative work. His works and His Word are harmonious and true. Modern astronomy is a subtle lie. Which will you believe, the Creator or the creature? Let Nature’s facts not infidel fancies, decide this important question.


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2 responses to “The Earth NOT a Whirling Globe / The Earth a Stationary Plane by ZETETES

  1. Gurp

    its a big cave actually and the sun and all that are in here with us, but great article, oh and gravity is a by product of magnetism and is pushing us to the walls of the cave.

  2. Marine Gundoctor

    This article reads like something from the Babylon Bee or the Duffel Blog. Is this satire, or is the author really this ignorant? I suppose they don’t believe man has ever been to the Moon, let alone orbited the Earth. hah, anyhow this is been fun reading back into 2013. DuckDuckGo found this page when I was searching for something else.

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