ASPIRATIONS AND GHOSTLY SIGHINGS out of an Old Recusant Manual of Devotion (1623)

O Good Jesu, O gracious Jesu, O sweet Jesu! O my hope, my refuge and my health, have mercy, have mercy, have mercy upon me! I am poor, needy, and weak; I am naught, I have naught, I know nothing, I can do nothing of my self, but sin : help me therefore, sweet Jesu. O Lord be merciful to me, most vile and abominable sinner, unworthy to live on the earth : Verily it is but right that every man should despise me, persecute me, afflict me, and over-tread me with their feet : thy most blessed and thankful will, be ever done upon me, and in me. Grant me O good Lord, full remission of all my sins, washing me in thy precious blood. Grant me perfect mortification and denying of my self. Destroy in me mine own will, and the seeking of my self. Grant me true humility, perfect patience and charity, of my tongue, and of all my senses, perfect temperance. Grant unto me purity, simplicity, and liberty of mind, and also an exact will in turning to thee, that I may be one according to thy hearts desire. Lo, my singular beloved Lord, lo, I salute and honour thy Rose-ruddy, sweet, and sacred wounds. All hail, all hail, most pleasant & health-some wounds of my Lord. All hail, most bountiful heart of my dear Lover, wounded for my sake; of all goodness, of all bliss, the most pleasant treasure house.

O my Lord Jesu Christ, I most humbly thank thee for thy venerable wounds.

O Lord, drown me in them, hide me in them, write and print them deeply in my heart, that I may burn altogether in thy love, and that I may take compassion upon thee from my heart.

Grant that all frail creatures may be vile, and of small estimation with me : & that thou only mayst please, & be sweet, and delectable unto me : make me like unto thy holy humanity.

O dearly beloved, dearly beloved, dearly beloved! O the most dearly beloved, of all dearly beloved! Oh my only beloved! O my fresh and flourishing Spouse! O my mellifluous, and honey-sweet Spouse! O the sweetness of my heart, and the life of my Soul! Set me on fire, burn me, make me anew, and transform me, that nothing besides thee; may live in me. O wound very deeply my heart, with the dart of thy love.

Transcribed by E.T.H. III from A manuall of godly prayers, and litanies, taken out of many famous authors, and distributed both for the morning and euening exercises, for all the dayes of the weeke. 1623 p. 501-503

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