ARCHITECTS OF CONFUSION : The Unmasking of the Plot against the Church’s Foundational Doctrine on Salvation

Here for your perusal, dear Christian Reader, is a little known but important pamphlet published by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Still River, Massachusetts in 1975 following the supposed “lifting” of the supposed “excommunication” of Father Leonard Feeney. The pamphlet is little known partly due to its scarcity (only three copies found in WorldCat) but really because the regularized followers of Father Feeney do not make it available to the public in its entirety. It is important chiefly because it is one of the few controversial documents produced by the Saint Benedict Center after the Second Vatican Council and before the death of Father Feeney and the Center’s dramatic fracturing in the mid-to-late-70’s. After reading this short pamphlet, any unbiased reader should be able to proclaim along with the great Scottish Apostle of Christ the King, Hamish Fraser:

“For there is no doubt that had the initiative of the St. Benedict Center been allowed to proceed unchecked, decisive progress towards the conversion of the U.S. to the Catholic faith could have been made in the years prior to Vatican II… [Father Leonard Feeney was] one of the most outstanding prophets of our time. For not only did he most accurately diagnose the contemporary malaise, long before others became aware of it; he also put his finger on the very omission which was both symptom and cause of the plague of liberal indifferentism which eventually surfaced as post-Conciliar Neomodernism and oecumania.”

From the Preface

These are disturbing times indeed. In former times of uncertainty and unrest, when men knew they could expect no solutions from their secular leaders, they could always turn to the Church for comfort and guidance. But today, with the world in a state of greater turmoil than ever before, one discovers with dismay that there is no certain solace to be found even in that haven, as the Edifice which Christ founded upon the Rock seems now to drift on a sea of shifting sand.

The account which follows is the factual story of Saint Benedict Center: why it was founded; how it was discredited; where it stands today. It is the story of a thirty-year crusade to repropagate in the hearts of the faithful the sustaining doctrine of the Church—without which she cannot survive.

This story will help to clarify the perplexing state of the Church today. At the same time, it will correct the misunderstanding of many people, effected by the media, that Father Leonard Feeney and his Order have capitulated to the Modernists who have worked their way into positions of authority in the Church.

It is with great concern for the welfare of the One True Church that we invite the reader to continue with us as we relate those events.

Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

May 13, 1975

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

Follow the Link below to download the entire Pamphlet.

Architects of Confusion Scanned by Hieronymopolis

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