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John Lane on the SHAM CANONIZATIONS of “Good” John XXIII & JPII the “Great”

Look, as you know for ecclesiological reasons I simply cannot see that these men have been true popes (the state of the Church reflects a vacant See, and is impossible if one posits a true pope reigning at each stage of the crisis); further, I think that the reaction of Catholics to these men has been illustrative of that reality. Catholics have not, do not, treat them as popes, they do not learn from them, submit their judgement to them, permit them to govern our lives. This is as true of those mired in the Novus Ordo who have retained the faith as it is of traditionalists. This has been clear in our case (the trads) but it is sufficiently clear in the case of the others also. We are seeing it brought into greater clarity by the reaction to the canonisations. Not just trads but conservative Novus people are reacting negatively to the “canonisation of Vatican II and Assisi” which these acts signify. They are not being accepted passively and with joy; quite the contrary. The exceptions, and they may be a majority, only prove the rule, in that the exceptions are exclusively constituted of those who think that the faith is whatever L’Osservatore Romano says it is this morning – i.e. people who aren’t Catholics at all. (Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:42 am)

The ongoing discussion can be followed here.


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A PERIOD OF UNPARALLELED MEDIOCRITY – Tito Casini on the Vatican II Revolution

Tito Casini, The Last Mass of Paul VI : An Autumn Night’s Dream. (Britons Publishing Company, 1971) pp. 57-58:

“Those who now considered the changes of the Reform to be the work of Satan saw clearly in them, above all, his pride. It emerged, that most characteristically Satanic sin, in the presumption with which men of little or no preparation presented themselves to pass judgement and contemptuous criticism on all that holiness, doctrine, and genius, working for the glory of God and the elevation of souls, had created in harmonious collaboration and handed down through the centuries, until this our day. To Popes and saints, doctors and theologians, artists and poets, to men whose works were the joy and boast of the human race, these small, insignificant people had spoken thus: All of you have been completely and unutterably wrong: none of you ever understood a single thing. — They had addressed their mother and teacher, the Church, as follows: You have hitherto been plunged in ignorance; your teaching has been one big mistake; — and then, ripping out the page, flinging down the text-book, they had concluded: We are the men, the bright, the bold ones. Watch us now and see how it should have been done.”

John Lane of the Bellarmine Forums comments:

“Priceless! Isn’t his writing just… delightful?!

“His description could apply so aptly to so many of the key characters of the 1960s, a period of unparalleled mediocrity which praised itself constantly. Roncalli (his Diary informs us how holy he is, how pure in intention, humble, etc.), Suenens, Murray, and, par excellence, Malachi Martin!”

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