Coman of Cluain mac Treoin’s TESTIMONY as to the school of Sinchell the Young of Cell Аchid along with Mugron’s (a successor to Columcille) INVOCATION OF THE TRINITY.

Transcribed from
being a fragment of
an old-Irish Treatise on the Psalter
with Translation, Notes and Glossary
and an Appendix
Containing Extracts hitherto Unpublished from
Ms. Rawlinson, B. 51a
in the Bodleian Library
edited by Kuno Meyer

This is Coman of Cluain mac Treoin’s testimony as to the school of Sinchell the Young of Cell Аchid along with Mugron’s (a successor to Columcille) Invocation of the Trinity.

These are the rules and customs that were at young Sinchell’s school. Devotion without weariness. Humility without murmuring. Dressing without extravagance. Fasting without violation. Exile without return… against frivolities. Blessing the meal. Dining without leavings. Perseverance in learning. Оbservance of the canonical hours. Cultivation of Heaven. Strengthening every weak one. Not caring for the world. Desiring mass. Listening to elders. Adoration of chastity. Standing by the weak. Frequent confession. Contempt of the body. Respect for the soul. Humanity in need. Attending the sick. Cross-vigil in silence. Pity to sickness. Searching the Scripture. Relating the gospels. Honour to the old. Keeping festival days holy. Brevity in chanting. Keeping friendship (or perhaps gossipred). Greatly avoiding women. Dread of their stories. Great hatred of their talk. Not to go to their great conversation. Not to be alone with them, in one house. Without… the conversation of neighbours. Purity in these men, the better for their souls. Humility to their master. Their master their servant. The Lord their master.

Two things that are a greater evil than (any) one thing: lust and gluttony. Through gluttony Adam was expelled from Paradise. Through gluttony Esau destroyed his birthright and sold it to his brother Jacob for pottage.


Have mercy on us, O God father omnipotent! O God of hosts. O sublime God. O Lord of the world. O unspeakable God. O Creator of the elements. O invisible God. O incorporeal God. O unjudgeable God. O immeasurable God. O impatient God. O immaculate God. O immortal God. O immoveable God. O eternal God. O perfect God. O merciful God. O admirable God. O dread God. O golden good. O heavenly Father that art in Heavens, have mercy on us!

Have mercy on us, O omnipotent God, O Jesus Christ, O son of living God! O son that was born twice. O only-begotten of God the Father. O first child of Mary the Virgin. O son of David. O son of Abraham. O beginning of all. O end of the world. O word of God. O jewel of the heavenly kingdom. O life of all. О eternal truth. О image, О likeness, О figure of God the Father. О hand of God. О arm of God. О strength of God. О right hand of God. О true wisdom. О true light that lighteth every darkness. О…light. О sun of truth. О morning star. О radiance of the Godhead. О splendour of the eternal light. О intelligence of the mystic world. О intermediator of all men. О betrothed of the Church. О trusty shepherd of the flock. О expectation of the faithful. О angel of the great counsel. О true prophet. О true apostle. О true teacher. О high priest. О master. О Nazarene. О fair-haired one. О ever living satisfaction. О tree of life. О true vine. О sprout of the root of Jesse. О king of Israel. О Saviour. О door of the world. О chosen flower of the plain. О lily of the valleys. О rock of strength. О corner stone. О heavenly Zion. О foundation offaith. О innocent lamb. О diadem. О gentle sheep. О redeemer of mankind. О true God. О true man. О lion. О ox. О eagle. О crucified Christ. О judge of Doom, have mercy on us!

Have mercy on us, О omnipotent God, О Holy Spirit! О Spirit that is nobler than all spirits. О finger of God. О guard of the Christians. О comforter of the sorrowful. О gentle one. О merciful intercessor. О giver of true wisdom. О author of Holy Scripture. О ruler of speech. О septiform spirit. О spirit of wisdom. О spirit of understanding. О spirit of counsel. О spirit of strength. О spirit of knowledge. О spirit of gentleness. О spirit of awe. О spirit of charity. О spirit of grace. О spirit by whom all high things are ordained!

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