Transcribed by E.T.H. III from A Breefe collection concerning the love of God tovvards mankinde, & hovv for diuers causes vve are iustlie bounde to loue & serue him. 1603.

A Blessing to be used before you go forth.

The Imperial Majesty of God bless me.
The Regal Divinity protect me.
The Everlasting Deity keep me.
The Glorious Unity comfort me.
The Incomprehensible Trinity defend me.
The Inestimable Goodness direct me.
The Power of the Father govern me.
The Wisdom of the Son quicken me.
The Virtue of the Holy Ghost, illuminate me
and be with me. Amen.
Alpha & Omega, God & Man : Let this Blessing be unto me all health & safety of body & soul, against all my enemies, visible & invisible : now & forever. Amen.

A Thanksgiving to the B. Trinity to be daily used.

All honor, thanks, and praise, be to thee O blessed Father of heaven which hast created and made me. Glory be to thee, O Blessed Son of God which with thy precious blood hast redeemed me. Glory be to thee, O holy Ghost, which hast Sanctified me. Glory be to thee, O holy, Blessed and Undivided Trinity, whose works are marvelous, and pass all understanding. I laud and praise thee with heart and mouth, and give loving thanks unto thee, for all thy Blessed Benefits Spiritual and Corporal, and sing unto thee, the Hymn of Glory, Sanctus. Sanctus. Sanctus. Thou only art God, and besides thee there is none at all, which workest great, marvelous and inscrutable things, whereof are no end. To thee belongeth all Laud and Jubilee. To thee all Angels the Heavens, and universal Powers, do sing Praises. To thee O glorious Trinity be given all honor of every creature both in Heaven and Earth now and forever more. Amen.
Soli Deo honor & gloria.

Laud & Praise for our Sanctification & Vocation, to the Unity of the Catholic Church.

Above all these thy mercies, hast thou O Lord, of thy especial grace and goodness, knit me to thee, by calling me to the knowledge of thy self, and making me a member of thy Church catholic : whereas many thousand Jews, Turks, & Infidels, that have been born since I was, have died in their iniquities, and many hundred thousand also, since the beginning of the world until this time, more worthy and noble than I : and if it pleased thee O Lord, thou mightest have made me one of them, and so to have lived and died as they did : But of thy especial mercy and tender love, hast thou chosen me, among so many thousands, to be one of thy darlings, born now in the time of grace, among Christian people, and under the Keys and suffrages of holy Church, for the which, all honour be to thee for evermore. Amen.



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2 responses to “SOME WONDERFUL RECUSANT PRAYERS (Anon. 1603)

  1. Janet Rocha

    Congratulations on you splendid site.! The prayers are sublime. I pray one day that England will one again be a Catholic country.

  2. What a beautiful prayer. Thanks for posting this!

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