Fr. Alonso de Madrid ON SIN (Printed Secretly in England, Circa 1603)

Transcribed by E.T.H. III from A breefe methode or way teachinge all sortes of Christian people, how to serue God in a moste perfect manner. Written first in Spanishe, by a Religious man, named Alphonso. And reduced owte of Latin into English in manner of a Dialogue for the easier understanding and capacities of the simpler sorte. By I.M.

You must know then, that sin is the most vile and detestable evil that can be devised, & bringeth to any reasonable creature that committeth it, unspeakable harms and mischiefs. For by sin, we lose God, who is an infinite goodness. By it we contemn, dishonour, and injure, our loving Lord, in the foulest manner that may be. By it, we frustrate in our selves, the effect and fruit, of Christ’s painful life, and most bitter passion, and conculcate or tread under foot, his precious blood. By it we defile and make most loathsome & abominable our own souls, washed and sanctified with the blood of our Saviour, and chosen to be the sacred temples of God’s Majesty. By it we pollute our hearts, the Altars & Tabernacles of the holy Ghost, where he delighteth to dwell. By it we lose Gods favour, and all his graces, the eternal joys of his kingdom, with all our right and title thereunto. By it only we are made the bondslaves of the devil, the fellows and companions of all wicked men both alive & dead, & of the damned spirits in hell. By it, we are made the reproachful enemies of God, the most abject, contemptible, and dishonorable of all his creatures. And finally by it we purchase assuredly to our selves, endless damnation, eternal woes, and the horrible torments of hell-fire.

All which evils and miseries, are justly due to him, that by sin committeth high treason against his supreme Lord, who vouchsafed to die for him.


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