Transcribed by E.T.H. III from Fasciculus myrrhae. Or a briefe treatise of our Lord and Sauiours passion. Written by the R. Fa. I. F. of the Society of Iesus. 1633.

The Preface to our Saviour’s Passion.

The son of God (sayth a Holy Author) wonderfully graced us in his Incarnation, by taking therein, the servile form of our nature upon himself ; blessed us, in his human nativity afterward ; edified us by his exemplar life ; instructed us by his doctrine ; comforted us, by his loving promises ; confirmed us, by his miraculous actions ; enriched us, by his infinite merits ; and made himself by his painful, and innocent death, a fountain of Life, and measureless graces, gained thereby graciously for us.

So as, the sacred mystery of our Redeemer’s Cross, which I purpose briefly to treat of in these ensuing papers, was the chief end of his coming into this world ; the high, and hard works of Obedience, on him, by his Eternal Father, for us imposed ; the painful period of his mortal pilgrimage here amongst us ; the consummation of his charity toward us ; the Abyssal depth of his mercy ; the effusion of his bounty ; and highest reach of his infinite wisdom : wherein for his own glory, and our good, he devised to circumvent Satan in his own craft, weaken him in his power, and vanquish him in his malice : and that also in such a manner, as in this Combat between them, he opposed (sayth S. Leo) against him, not the majesty of his own nature, but the infirmity of ours, to make the victory thereby become more glorious to himself, and graceful to us also ; since man therein, formerly vanquished, became victorious, able as the son of God, personally assumed and dignified his nature, to satisfy the utmost rigor of divine Justice, pacify the wrath of his eternal Father against sinners, make their full peace, and meritoriously obtain abundant graces here, and glory afterwards eternally for them.


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