Certaine Iaculatorie praiers written by the Rev. Fa. R.S. (1600) (ROBERT SOUTHWELL?)

Gracious Lord and sweet Saviour, give me a pure intention a clean heart, and a regard to thy glory in all my actions.

Jesu possess my mind with thy presence, and ravish it with thy love that my delight may be to be embraced in the arms of thy protection.

Jesu be thou light unto mine eyes, music to my ears, sweetness to my taste, and contentment to my heart.

Jesu I give thee my body, my soul, my substance, my fame, my friends, my liberty, and life, dispose of me & all that is mine as shall be most to thy glory.

Jesu I am not mine but thine, claim me as thy right, keep me as thy charge, love me as thy child.

Jesu fight for me when I am assaulted, heal me when I am wounded, revive me when I am spiritually killed, receive me when I fly, and let me never be confounded.

Jesu give me patience in trouble, humility in comfort, constancy in temptations, & victory against my ghostly enemies.

Jesu give me modesty in countenance, gravity in my behavior, deliberation in my speeches, purity in my thoughts, righteousness in my actions.

Jesu be my sun in the day, my food at the table, my repose in the night, my clothing in nakedness, my succour in all needs.

Jesu let thy blood run in my mind as water of life, to cleanse the filth of my sins, & to bring forth the fruit of life everlasting.

Jesu stay my inclinations from bearing down my soul : bridle mine appetites with thy grace, and quench in me the fire of all unlawful desires.

Jesu keep my eyes from vain sights, my ears from hearing evil speeches, my tongue from talking unlawful things, my senses from every kind of disorder.

Jesu make my will pliable to thy pleasure, & resigned wholly to thy providence, and grant me perfect contentment in that which thou allottest.

O Lord make me strong against occasions of sin, & steadfast in not yielding to evil, yea rather to die than to offend thee.

Jesu forsake me not lest I perish, leave me not to my own weakness, lest I fall without recovery.

Jesu grant me an earnest desire to amend my faults, to renew my good purposes, to perform my good intentions, and to begin afresh in thy service.

Jesu direct mine intention, correct my errors, erect my infirmities, protect my good endeavors.

Jesu make me humble to my Superiors, friendly to my equals, charitable to my inferiors, and careful to yield due respect to all sorts.

Jesu grant me sorrow for my sins, thankfulness for thy benefits, fear of thy judgements, love of thy mercies, and mindfulness of thy presence. Amen.

Laus Deo Opt. Max. Bea. Virg.
Maria omnibusq; Sanctis.

Transcribed by E.T.H. III from Breife meditations of the Most Holy Sacrament and of preparation, for receuing the same. And of some other thinges apertaining to the greatnes and deuotion of so worthy a misterie. Composed in Italian by the rev. father Luca Pinelli of the Societie of Iesus. , [London : V. Simmes, ca. 1600]


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