THE HYMNE from The Office of our Blessed Lady at Matins. (1658)

Transcribed by E.T.H. III from The Primer, or Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to the Reformed Latin ; with like graces Priviledged. At Antwerpe, Printed by Balthasar Moret. 1658.

Whom earth, and sea, and eke the skies,
Adore, and worship, and declare,
As ruler of the triple frame,
The closure of Maria bare.
Whom both the Sun and all,
Do serve in their due time and space,
A maidens inward parts doth bear,
Bedewed with celestial grace.
Blest is the mother by this gift,
Whose womb as in a coffer held,
The maker that surmounteth all,
Who in his hand the world doth weld.
She blessed is by heavenly news,
And fruitful by the Holy Ghost,
From out whose womb was yielded forth,
Whom nations had desired most.
Glory be unto thee O Lord,
That born was of a Virgin pure,
With the Father and Holy Ghost,
All ages ever to endure. Amen.


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Filed under Bardic Poetry & Christian Verse, Recusant History

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