CORRUPTIO PESSIMI OPTIMA by John Swinnerton Phillimore

Despair not if the inward-seeking eye
______of penitent meditation thou canst trace
___Within thee nothing but the meeting-place
For all corruption ; if within thee lie
The slaughterhouse, the common-fosse, the sty ;
___And still, the more the suns and rains of grace
______Are busy about it, so much more the case
Grows helpless, letting filthier venoms fly.

For sweetest things in nature have their growth
___From putrefaction. Whence do roses brew
______Their delicate breath and coil their silken shape?
From rottenness. And the vine-root, nothing loth,
___Drinks of the shamble-stuff (though purest dew
______Christen the vine) and breeds the holier grape.


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Filed under Bardic Poetry & Christian Verse

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