A deuout prayer vpon the Passion (1576)

O Good Lord, O gracious Lord, O most merciful Lord and sweet Saviour Jesus Christ, I wretch that am vile earth and ashes, do yield thee most humble & hearty thanks, for that it hath pleased thee of thy marvelous humility, patience, and love toward mankind, to descend from the high throne of heaven, to be incarnate by the holy Ghost, and born of the virgin Mary, & here to suffer all kind of pains & poverty for our sakes, to be betrayed of thine own disciple Judas, & delivered traitorously into the hands of thine enemies, Annas, Caiphas, Herod, & Pilate, and by them sent to and fro bound and chained, reviled, rebuked, taunted, scoffed, scorned, spited, hated, envied, slandered, blasphemed, and most maliciously, most cruelly, and most villainously entreated, blindfolded, buffeted, and spitten on the face, crowned with thorn, and stricken with a reed, wounded and clad with purple, with great nails fastened unto the cross, hoisted up being thereupon placed between two thieves, given to drink vinegar and gall, and stricken to the heart with a spear. O sweet Lord and Saviour, for these thy most painful pangs which I most unworthy and sinful wretch do here record, and through thy holy cross and death, deliver me from the everlasting pains of hell, and vouchsafe to lead me whither thou didst lead the thief crucified with thee : who with the Father and the holy Ghost, livest and reignest God, world without end. Amen.

Transcribed by E.T.H. III from A breefe directory, and playne way howe to say the rosary of our blessed Lady by I.M. 1576.


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