A godly prayer for the preservation of Christ his Catholic Church – 1576 A.D.

O Most merciful God, who doest not remember the sins of them that return to thee, but doest mercifully give ear to their sighs and griefs : cast thy eyes on thy Church, which lies polluted by the hands of Infidels, and look thou also upon the affliction of thy beloved people : remember thy inheritance, purchased by the shedding of thy most precious blood of thy only begotten son : Come and take perfect view of thy vineyard which whereas thou hast made it with thy own hand, the cruel Boar seeketh utterly to destroy : give strength to such as have charge of this vineyard, and give them victory, from thy holy throne, against their rage that labour to subvert and overthrow the same : and grant thy heavenly kingdom to all such as are true and faithful labourers therein. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Transcribed by E.T.H. III from Certayne devout Meditations very necessary for Christian men devoutly to meditate upon Morninge and Eveninge, every day in the weeke : Concerning Christ his lyfe and Passion, and the fruites thereof. (Anon. 1576?)


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