The imaginative power of the Celtic mind is by no means limited to colorful descriptions of natural themes. St. Brendan’s extraordinary vision of the topography of hell displays a highly developed descriptive style possessing a considerable number of co-ordinate and sub-ordinate clauses made up of alliterating nouns and adjectives grouped in a more or less rhythmical fashion.

…However the Devil revealed the gate of Hell to Brénainn then. And Brénainn beheld that rough murky prison, full of stench, full of flame, full of filth, full of encampments of venomous demons, full of the weeping and shrieking and injury and pitiful cries and great wailings and lamentations and beating together of hands, of the tribes of sinners ; and a dismal sorrowful life in kernels of torture, in prisons of fire, in streams of the series of everlasting fire, in a cup of eternal sorrow, in black dark sloughs, in chairs of mighty flame, in profusion of sorrow and death and torment and bonds and irresistible heavy combat, with the terrible yelling of the venomous demons ; in the eternally dark, eternally cold, eternally stinking, eternally foul, eternally gloomy, eternally rough, eternally long, eternally melancholy, deadly, baneful, severe, fiery-haired dwelling place of the most hideous depths of Hell, of the slopes of mountains of everlasting fire, without stay, without rest ; but troops of demons are dragging them in pitiful, grievous, rigid, fiery, dark, deep, hidden, empty, base, black, idle, filthy, antiquated, old and stinking, everlastingly quarrelsome, everlastingly pugnacious, everlastingly wearisome, everlastingly deadly, everlastingly tearful prisons ; sharp, fierce, windy, full of wailing, screaming, complaining, and bitter crying ; horrible.

There are curly, cruel, bold, big-headed maggots ; and yellow, white, great-jawed monsters ; fierce ravening lions ; red, black, brown, devilish dragons ; mighty treacherous tigers ; inky hairy scorpions ; red high-soaring hawks ; rough sharp-beaked griffins ; black hump-backed beetles ; sharp snouted flies ; bent bony-beaked wasps ; heavy iron mallets ; ancient old rough flails ; sharp swords ; red spears ; black demons ; stinking fires ; streams of poison ; cats scratching ; dogs rending ; hounds hunting ; demons calling ; fetid lakes ; great sloughs ; dark pits ; deep gullies ; high mountains ; hard crags ; a mustering of demons ; a filthy camp ; torture without cease ; a ravenous host ; frequent conflict ; endless fighting ; demons torturing ; torment in abundance ; a sorrowful life.

A place in which there are frosty, bitter, everlastingly fetid, eternal, wide-stretched, agitated, grievous, putrid, deliquescent, burning, bare, rapid, full-fiery streams ; hard, rocky, sharp-headed, long, cold, deep, swampy little straits of the sea ; bare burning plains ; peaked rugged hills ; hard verminous ravines ; rough thorny moors ; black fiery forests ; filthy monster-infested roads ; congealed stinking-billowed seas ; huge iron spikes ; black bitter waters ; many extraordinary places ; a dirty everlastingly-gloomy assembly ; bitter wintry winds ; frost everlastingly-falling snow ; red fiery blades ; base dark faces ; swift ravening demons ; vast unheard-of tortures.

Then his followers asked Brénainn, ‘Who are you talking to?’ said they. Brénainn told them that it was the Devil who was talking to him ; and told them a little of the tortures he had seen, as we have said, according as it has been found in the ancient writings of the Old Testament…


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  1. Sister Marie-Jean

    Great content. Scary vision of St. Brendan!
    See you tomorrow.

    In Our Lady,
    Sr. Marie-Jean

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