“An other prayer in englysshe”

Transcribed by E.T.H. III from Horae Eboracenses : The Prymer or Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary, according to the Use of the Illustrious Church of York with other Devotions as they were used by the Lay-folk in the Northern Province in the XVth and XVIth Centuries published for the Surtees Society. London. 1920.

O the most sweetest Spouse of my soul Christ Jesu, desiring heartily ever more to be with thee in mind and will, and to let none earthly thing to be so near my heart as thou Jesu. And that I dread not for to go to thee, Jesu, and that I may evermore say to thee with a glad cheer, my Saviour Christ Jesu. I beseech thee heartily to take me a sinner to thy great mercy and grace, for I love thee with all mine heart, with all my mind, and with all my might, and nothing so much in earth nor above earth as I do thee, my sweet lord Jesu Christ, and for that I have not loved thee and worshipped thee above all thing as my lord and saviour Christ Jesu. I beseech thee, with meekness and heart contrite, of mercy and forgiveness of my great unkindness, for the great love that thou showed for me and all mankind, what time thou offered up thy glorious body, God and man, unto the cross there to be crucified and wounded, and out of thy heart running plenteously blood and water for the redemption of me and all mankind, and thus having remembrance steadfastly in my heart of thee my saviour Christ Jesu. I doubt not but thou wilt be full near me and comfort me both bodily and ghostly with thy glorious presence, and at the last bring me to thine everlasting bliss, the which never shall have end. Amen.


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