A very devout prayer of the five wounds of our Saviour. (Anonymous, 1576 A.D.)

Transcribed b by E.T.H. III from Certayne devout Meditations very necessary for Christian men devoutly to meditate upon Morninge and Eveninge, every day in the weeke : Concerning Christ his lyfe and Passion, and the fruites thereof. (Anon. 1576?)

ALL laud, honour, glory, and thanks, be given to thee (O Lord Jesu Christ) for the sacred wound of thy right hand. For this holy wound sake forgive all such offenses as I have committed by my five senses, and remit also all such things as I have displeased thee, in thought, word, and deed, in negligence when I served thee, in sinful delectations, whether the same was in sleep, or when I waked, wittingly or ignorantly. And for thy blessed passion sake, give me thy grace to remember as I should do thy holy death and blessed wounds, utterly to mortfiy my body and to give thee thanks. Amen.

Laud, honour, glory, & thanks, be to thee (most sweet Jesu) for the sacred wound of thy left hand, for the same holy wound sake, be merciful to me, and vouchsafe to change in me whatsoever is displeasant unto thee : give me victory, against all my spiteful enemies and let me by thy grace subdue them all for thy bitter passion sake, deliver me from all perils both in this life & in the life to come & make me worthy of thy grace in thy heavenly country. Amen.

Laud, honour, glory, & thanks be to thee (most gracious Jesu) for the sacred wound of thy right foot. For this holy wound sake, grant that I may do worthy penance, for my sins. And I most humbly beseech thee for thy holy death sake, that thou keep me thy servant both day & night in thy grace and favour : deliver me from all misery both of body & soul : take my soul to thy protection & tuition at the dreadful judgement day : & bring it to thy celestial joys. Amen.

Laud, honour, glory, & thanks be given to thee (good Jesu) for the sacred wound of thy left foot : for this holy wound sake give me pardon & full remission of my sins, that being protected by thee I may deserve to escape the rigour of thy judgement. And for thy holy death sake I beseech thee (most merciful Jesu) that before my soul part from my body, I may worthily recieve the sacrament of thy most holy body & blood, with unfeigned contrition of heart, sincere confession of my sins, perfect penance, with purity of mind and body : And being comforted with Avail, may come to everlasting salvation. Amen.

Laud, honour, glory & thanks, be to thee (most benign Jesu) for the sacred wound of thy blessed side : for this holy wound sake, and for thy infinite mercy sake, which thou showed us, when thy side was pierced with the spear I beseech thee (my saviour Jesu) that as thou hast cleansed me by Baptism from original sin : so likewise by thy precious blood, which was now at this time both offered and recieved, all the world over, thou wilt deliver me from all perils, both such as are past, and present, or to come : And for thy holy death sake, give me a right faith, a sure hope, and perfect charity, that I may love thee, with all my heart and all my strength.

Strengthen me in all good works, & give me grace strongly to continue thy servant to the end : that I may both here and in the life to come, please thee. Amen.

Imprint (Lord Jesus Christ) thy holy wounds in my heart : & moisten my soul with thy holy blood : that whether so ever I turn I may ever see thee crucified before me : and that whatsoever I cast my eye upon, it may seem to me besprinkled with thy holy blood : and that I may being thus wholly directed to thee, may behold nothing but only thee : who livest with thy father & the holy ghost forever. Amen.


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