INVOCATIONS by Coventry Patmore

These strangely characteristic Invocations by the great mystic poet were found among his papers by Mr. Everard Meynell. Transcribed from the Dublin Review, Jan. 1921

FATHER, Son, Holy Ghost, Holy Trinity, Mary, Jesus.
Heart of Jesus, Blood of Jesus.
Rod of Moses, Rod of Aaron, Rod which God hath redeemed.
Fullness of the Godhead manifested bodily.
God manifest in the reality of our flesh.
God manifest out of Sion, the perfection of beauty.
God self-evident.
Substance of things hoped for, evidence of things unseen.
Tree of Life planted in the midst of the paradise of the Lord.
Our hope, our sweetness, our life.
Remission of sins.
Satisfaction of all our desires.
Joy and food of Angels.
Purity of virgins.
Pharaoh become Christ.
Christ out of Egypt.
The All which they find who forsake all.
Wonderful, God with us, Prince of Peace.
Key of Jacob.
Sceptre of Israel.
Paran and Seir (They knew not that God was there).
The Unknown God.
Praise of Infants and Sucklings.
Rock of Scandal to the foolish.
Stone which the builders refused.
Keystone of the corner.
Man compassed by a woman.
My Lord and my God.
The sum of the seven sacraments.
He Who has fruition in Himself.
God made Man of a Woman.
Infinite Honour and Humility.
Crowning Glory of the Valley of Vision.
The Last reconciled to the First.
Alpha and Omega.
Body round which the Eagles gather together.
Flesh and Blood of which he who eats shall live for ever.
Holy of Holies.
Beatitude of the poor in heart.
Object of the single eye which makes the body full of light.
Serpent by which we are healed.
The Resurrection and the Life.
The Second Coming.
The fulfilment of all things.
The Beatific Vision.
Nectar and Ambrosia.
Strong Man of God.
The Lion and the Lamb.
The Incommunicable Name.
The Infinite circumscribed by the Finite.
Feast to which the agonies of crucifixion are the necessary
condiments and mitigations.
The Word made Flesh.
Central Sun and Magnet that holds together and gives
life to the Universe.
Very God of very God.
Very Man of very Man.
Very Woman of Very Woman.
Corner stone in which of two are made one.
The Grace of God.
Infinite wealth, felicity and honour.
Mystery which the Angels desire to look into.
Absolute Beauty, absolute Sweetness, absolute Power,
absolute Life.
United Voice of the Three Witnesses.
The Crown of the Chosen.
The exceeding great reward.
The Light which lighteth every man.
He Who has exalted my horn like the horn of a unicorn.
Priest for ever after the order of Melchisedech.
Wisdom of the Ancients.
Name which none can speak but by the Holy Ghost.
The great Mystery of Righteousness.
The Good Word which mine heart hath uttered.
Manna which has the taste of all in it.
God’s hill in which it pleased Him to dwell.
The most Holy. The external which contains all the
interior in their order, form and connection.
The Oracle of God.
The Golden Key.
Fulfilment of all prophecy.
Flesh of Christ that art the Head of Man.
Face of God which none can see and live.
Secret of the King.
The Hidden Life.
Glory for which we wait in the midst of the Temple.
Power of God made perfect in weakness.
Rock of Ages.
God manifest to the Gentiles.
Thou Whom to contemplate is the perfection of wisdom,
the best of good works, and the eternal good and
growth of Love.


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